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Yearbook have ‘Only Love’ in their new Warehouse Session

Following on from the reflective clenched fist of last week’s ‘The Unreasonable Man’, Yearbook have given us another glimpse into their warehouse with ‘Only Love’. “Smash your radio. Smash your TV and let’s go outside for the first time in a while,” command the band as the track rushes towards open space. Wrestling with itself, ‘Only Love’ is fiery, aggressive but totally in control.

Not only is the song great but, with the video, you can also get a good look at what’s going on with some of those warehouse pallets, which is nice. Check it out below.

“Only Love is one of the first songs that we wrote together for the album and has been part of our live set for a while. It’s one of the more personal songs on the album and we love playing it live because of the big dynamic changes; it encompasses everything we love about writing and playing music,” offers Andrew Halloway.

Yearbook probably have an album coming out this year but it’s still a Big Mystery. However, the band definitely have some ‘Only Love’ inspired merch (if you like wearing stuff) and a UK/European tour (if you like watching stuff).

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