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Watch the video for Calls Landing’s ‘Heirlooms (Ursa Major)’

Calls Landing released their superb debut album ‘Heirlooms’ earlier this year and now they’ve given the title track the Hollywood treatment.

“In the Heirlooms video we really wanted to capture the essence of nostalgia,” starts vocalist Joe Armitage. “The song itself is about celebrating the good memories and we tried to re-imagine that in this video. As we grow up we don’t always remember every little detail of where we were or what we did at a time in our lives, but what is permanent is that nostalgic feeling that tells us, ‘those were good days spent with good people,’ and that feeling is universal.

“It doesn’t just happen to some of us, it happens to us all. The video was filmed around the day of our album release show. For us it was such a special day filled with many fond memories and we hope we shared that feeling with the crowd and the show was just as memorable to them. We have to remember to cherish these moments.”

Charlie Thomas goes on to explain why the band wanted to preserve the memory of that launch show. “It’s important because as a collective we spent a year and a half of our lives building up to that moment. For us, this band is absolutely everything, a true extension of our mind and soul.

“We had been through so much over that year and a half, personally and collectively. Ultimately, it’s important for us to cherish the memory of that show because that moment in itself is an Heirloom – we can see it, speak of it and share it for the rest of our lives.

“That moment will forever be remembered and live on. We will always have that and you will always have that.”

“Ultimately I think we would love for the video to trigger the viewer’s individual memory of nostalgia in line with our musical accompaniment, thus procuring a stronger personal connection to the music and visual,” Continues Charlie before Joe concludes.

“The memories and personal experiences that the video induce are individual. It’s important to hold onto that fact and live life with the people you want to share it with. Because if that’s not how your living your life, you’re doing an injustice to your older self.”

Like what you see? Calls Landing have a bunch of shows coming up and the dates are below.

11 Leeds, The Wardrobe

08 Manchester, Deadbolt Festival

04 Manchester, Retro Bar*
05 Doncaster, The Priory*
06 Sheffield, The Hop*
*with Mind and Separation

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