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Watch Refused, live from Open’er Festival

To celebrate the release of ‘Freedom’, their first studio album in seventeen years, Refused are streaming their set from Poland’s Open’er Festival tonight.

Whatever else you had planned for the next hour or two, cancel it and tune in.
Missed it? Never fear! Simply skip to 37:48 on the video below and you can relieve Refused’s set from Open’er festival. The opening is missing because of technical difficulties at the festival but with Refused, you’re never left feeling shortchanged.

‘Freedom’ includes two songs produced by mega pop-polisher Shellback, who’s worked with the likes of Taylor Swift, Pink and Carly Ray Jepsen.

“It was like we had this little bubble,” frontman Dennis Lyxzén told Upset, referencing their recording process, “and we thought, ‘Maybe someone else should hear a couple of songs,’ so we had some feedback, as we wouldn’t let anyone listen to what we were doing. We thought, maybe Shellback because he’s an old Refused fan but he didn’t come with feedback, he just rearranged the song.”

“It was as much a joke as anything else, contacting Shellback,” guitarist Kristofer Steen continues, on just how they came to using his cut-down edit of ‘Elektra;. “We didn’t expect anything. Two weeks before recording was supposed to start, he sent us a new arrangement for the songs. We were a little bit in conflict with what to do with it, so we ended up doing a bit of a mish mash version of the old and new one, but we weren’t happy with it.”

Refused are currently on a run of festivals before they head over to the US to support Faith No More. Then there’s a handful of European shows with Rise Against via slots at the Reading & Leeds festival.

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