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Watch No Devotion perform on a Berlin roof

While on their European tour, No Devotion took to a Berlin rooftop for a five track session. If you click below you can watch the band tear through ‘Addition‘, ‘Stay‘, ‘Grand Central‘, ‘Permanent Sunlight‘ and ‘10,000 Summers‘.

All five tracks are lifted from the bands debut album ‘Permeance‘ which is out now via Collect Records.

“Usually I try to find a point of view and find something new that has never been said before,” Geoff Rickly tells Upset. “With this band I just wrote completely heartfelt songs that were very immediate and what was happening to me in that moment. Detailing love and loss, regret – everything was very personal and I knew it wouldn’t be political, it wouldn’t be a post-modern Thursday. It would be very classic, very romantic, very real.”

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