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Watch F.O.E.S new ‘Live at the Lab’ session

We heart F.O.E.S, so we’re bloody delighted to bring you a first airing of the Liverpool four pieces’ new ‘Live At The Lab’ session.

Featuring three tracks from their ‘Antecedence’ EP (out now via Crooked Noise Records), guitarist Joe Danher explains: “We’ve always believed a solid live sound should be the hallmark of any band, and thus we’ve always put a lot of stock in ours. I think sessions like this are a great way of capturing that. The songs on Antecedence take on a different character outside of the record. I’d like to think fans of the EP notice that and can hear things differently when they watch and listen back.”

Filmed at Soundlab Studios in Essex, you can download full session audio of ‘Rival Thrones’, ’Crown Antler’ and ‘No Sleepers Verse’ here.

F.O.E.S are currently busy in the studio working on new material for their next release.

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