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Watch Bring Me The Horizon play ‘Happy Song’ in New York

Bring Me The Horizon finished up the ‘That’s The Spirit’ tour with a massive show at London’s Alexandra Palace a few weeks back but if, like us, you’re getting Horizon withdrawals then you’re in luck.

The band have released a video of ‘Happy Song‘, live from Webster Hall in New York which you can check out below. Spoiler, it features Oli Sykes being very Oli Sykes.

Bring Me The Horizon have confirmed a whole host of international festivals for next year alongside a one-off headline show at London’s Royal Albert Hall which will see them backed by an entire orchestra.

““I think if we had one thing that we wanna achieve with this (album), I think it’s to step out of the scene we came from and just be genreless,” Oli told Upset ahead of the release of ‘That’s The Spirit’. “Just be our own thing. Bands like Fall Out Boy and Linkin Park and stuff – they just stepped out of the scene they came from, and now they’re just a band that people love. Y’know – pop punk fans don’t like Fall Out Boy, just people love Fall Out Boy. Same with Linkin Park – you don’t like Linkin Park and then only nu-metal, you like Linkin Park and Jay-Z and whoever else! That’s the most important thing for us – we don’t want to be elitist.”

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