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Watch Biffy Clyro back onstage after a year away

Biffy Clyro returned to the stage on New Year’s Eve after a year in the wilderness.

Headlining Edinburgh’s Hogmanay Festival as their only show of 2015, the band rang in 2016 with a thirteen song set. The gig saw the live premiere of ‘On A Bang‘, a brand new track hopefully from their upcoming seventh album, as well as a host of Biffy classics.

One of those vintage tunes was ‘Black Chandelier‘ which the BBC kindly filmed and put online for all to enjoy.

You can also catch ‘Biblicalhere (you might want to skip to the 39 minute mark though.)

A few days earlier the band donated a tonne of clothes worn during the Opposites Tour to the Glasgow branch of Oxfam, which ended up raising over £600.

As you can see from the video above though, Simon Neil still needs a shirt.

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