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Watch BABYMETAL perform with Rob Halford

BABYMETAL are really metal.

Unsure? Well, here’s a video of them performing with Judas Priest‘s Rob Halford at the APMA. The band smash through their own ‘Karate‘ before taking on the ‘Priest classics ‘Painkiller‘ and ‘Breaking The Law‘. Check it out below.

They even play guitars. Proper metal.

Speaking to Upset, the band let us in on a secret. “Why we’re doing what we’re doing today is because we hope to be as influential as Metallica or Bring Me The Horizon but we’re not sure if that’s possible. There are a lot of things we’re unsure of. We don’t know whether we can do it but it is something we do hope we can be,” dreams Moametal. “One day.”
“Something we’ve always said from the very beginning is that we want to create a new genre of music that is called Babymetal,” adds Yuimetal. “It’s something we’re still working on right now but hopefully it’s a goal we can achieve.”

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