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Watch 1,000 die-hard fans campaign for Foo Fighters’ concert

There’s no denying that Foo Fighters’ fans go the extra mile.

Whether it’s admirers pleading Dave Grohl for an invite to go on stage and play drums or spectators crowd surfing in rubber dinghies to get closer to the frontman, himself, a Foo’s gig is always packed full of memorable moments and die-hard respect for rock’s universal nice-guy.

The latest attempt to get Grohl’s attention? 1,000 people coming together for a simultaneous performance of ‘Learn To Fly’. The musicians grouped-up in bid to get the band to perform a concert in Italy’s Romagna region.

Sounds like a casual Saturday night at your local waterhole, right? Expect these guys are pretty good. Unlike our endless slurring of: “Try to make this life my own.”

You can watch the video below.

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