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Slutface prove Norway didn’t peak at Ole Gunnar Solskjaer with ‘Shave My Head’ video

Slutface. Now that’s a name for a band. Even better when that band are bloody great. ‘Shave My Head’, the Norwegian’s latest officially designated banger, dropped last month, and now it has a video (via Kerrang.)

“At the time we wrote Shave My Head, I was thinking a lot about the expectation we have for women to act in a hysterical way,” reveals the band’s Haley Shea. “Women are portrayed negatively as hysterical and emotional, whereas crazy men are portrayed as tortured geniuses. ‘Bitches be crazy’ and such. It’s also a lot about the way we view femininity and relationships and what we expect women to be and how they should behave.”

Check out the video for ‘Shave My Head’ below.

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