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Seaway share video for ‘Best Mistake’

Seaway released their second album ‘Colourblind‘ last week. If you missed it, you can catch up here OR you can dive straight in with the brand spanking new video for ‘Best Mistake‘. FFO Being wacky, technicolor pop punk and walls of cats.

The album, out on Pure Noise Records right now, is the, “Culmination of the experiences that we’ve been through as a band thus far and also the sound that we’ve been trying to achieve since the beginning. We feel that these songs embody who we are as people and represent the general attitude of Seaway. The writing/recording process was the most difficult, yet fun and rewarding situation we as a band have ever been through. Producers Derek Hoffman and Alan Day brought out the best in us as musicians and songwriters and helped us create an album that we are truly proud of and that we’ve wanted to make since we were kids.”

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