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PVRIS release video for ‘Smoke’

After a brief warning on the ol’ Twitter, PVRIS have dropped their new video for ‘Smoke‘. Check it out below.

In their cover feature with Upset, Lynn Gunn explained that “the coolest thing about music is that you can create your own world, in your own imagery, through sound. You can literally paint a picture with sound. I like how everyone’s perception of it is different. In a way, I always picture a place, colours or certain actions. They’re things I wouldn’t be able to draw so I always have some sort of atmosphere, vibe or place in my head, then I try and make that through sound.

“The best thing about this style of music, with electronics and programming, is that you can really create a vision that’s not restricted to three or four instruments. You can literally make any sound you want. You can create any atmosphere you want. The possibilities are endless.”

The band are currently gearing up to head out on tour with Fall Out Boy before heading to the UK and Europe for a run of their own headline shows. Don’t miss ’em.

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