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PVRIS get dark in their new video for ‘Mirrors’

PVRIS have released the video for ‘Mirrors‘, which you can watch below.

The track is the last song from the band’s debut album ‘White Noise‘ to be given a cinematic reimagining and it looks like they were saving the darkest for last. It’s good timing as well because the band are releasing their new song ‘You and I‘ on Monday (22nd February).

The ‘Mirrors’ video highlights PVRIS’ love for the creepy but it’s something the band have been into for a while. “I’ve always been drawn to dark, sad and angry things. Anything in that realm especially paranormal, I think we’re all super into that. When I was in a crib, I slept with a blow up skeleton. I used to pick out the skeleton books at the library whenever my mom took me,” explains Lynn during our cover feature with the band.

“We’re all drawn to the creepy, sad and the dark,” says Alex. “We’re all happy-go-lucky people, but that’s just what we’re drawn to.”

“It’s an outlet,” Lynn continues. ”We are very outgoing, happy people but I think the darkness is in us internally. Deep, deep, deep down in the core.

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