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One Man Boycott premiere new video for ‘Sick Of It All’

One Man Boycott have unveiled their new video for ‘Sick Of It All’ – and you can watch it first here on Upset, below. It’s the second single from debut album ‘Counting The Seconds’, out on 25th March via Super Sick Records.

“When deciding which song should follow ‘If Only You’d Stay’ as the second single, it was a difficult choice deciding which angle to take, what side of the band we wanted to show next,” says vocalist Joe Brewer.

“Like ‘If Only You’d Stay’, ‘Sick Of It All’ is ‘typical’ of those big catchy choruses we write, along with being a good indicator of the energy we bring to our live shows. If you like these first two tracks then, you’re a Boycott fan for sure.

“The video is footage taken from our Break The Silence summer tour 2015. We took our good friend and videographer Sam Brown with us across the UK and over to Germany, where the live footage is taken from our headlining slot at Wutzrock festival in Hamburg.”

“The lyrics to ‘SOIA’ are referring to a kind of look at some of my (and many others) past experiences trying to get into the music industry growing up, way before I started Boycott,” Brewer adds.

“I know there are countless others who have gone through or are going through those rejections, ridicule, self doubt etc. You always seem to get to the edge of making your dreams a reality for life and then slam! You get someone else telling you “I’m out” or “you’re dropped” or fucking, “you’re too fat” something like that.

“I know the topic isn’t restricted to music by any means either, but this song is me personally venting, it gives me the chance to mentally stand up and say “you know what? fuck you, I’m sick of it. I am good enough! I can and I will” I think I needed to get this off my chest musically for my own good if I’m honest, haha.”

The album’s full track listing is as follows:

1. Sunshine Pizza Friends

2. If Only You’d Stay

3. Fingers Crossed

4. Monument To A Normal Guy

5. Liar

6. Short Like Summer

7. Sick Of It All
8. Stockholm Swing
9. If I Survive
10. As You Wish

One Man Boycott also have a handful of live dates coming up, including headline shows in Bideford and Norwich, a date at the Hawley Arms in London on 18th February, and a hometown album release show in Barnstaple, on 25th March.

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