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Newmoon premiere video for dreamy ‘Head Of Stone’

Newmoon are today sharing a video for ‘Head of Stone’, the dreamy first single to be taken from upcoming debut album ‘Space’, due this October (pre-order here) – watch the clip below, first on Upset, and find out more about how it came together after the jump.

The Belgium group are based in Antwerp and Ghent, and wrote the song while taking a Japanese bullet train between Tokyo and Kyoto: “I realised that there’s something very frightening about being in a place where you are unable to connect to people in any way,” explains singer/guitarist Bert Cannaerts.

“You cannot understand the language they are speaking; you can’t understand any visual cues. This can make you feel isolated and invisible. The same thing can happen with emotional relationships. They get to a point where people become unable to communicate, and emotions and nuances are lost. This leads to isolation and resentment and people go their separate ways.”

Hello Newmoon. Who are we speaking to, and what have you been up to today?
Hey this is Bert from Newmoon. Today was a pretty regular day for me. I was at work until this afternoon. I’m writing this thing and then I’m heading out to grab some drinks with Philippe and Robby who play guitar and bass in Newmoon. Then later tonight I’m having a barbecue with Giel, our other guitarist, Stef our drummer and a bunch of friends in my hometown. I can’t complain for sure.

You’ve just released your video for ‘Head Of Stone’ – what can you tell us about the ideas behind it?
The main idea was to make a very stylistic video, inspired by the look of the 80s new wave/punk-scene. We incorporated some items – roses, fire, knives – they refer to the lyrical content of ‘Head Of Stone’. The most important part of the video was trying to create the right kind of atmosphere, and that’s not always easy. I think the guys from Derringer Productions managed to capture the vibe and atmosphere of our band perfectly. They really nailed it.

How did you find filming?
Filming videos is always weird to us, but working with Marek Luck, Hannes Meier and Nicholas Hopkins from Derringer Productions was an absolute dream. Hannes is a photographer and we’ve known him for years and really like his work. They drove from Berlin to do the video, with very little notice and a very limited budget. But they just worked so hard and made everything work. Hannes and Nicholas are definitely artists in their field. We let them have complete control of the shoot and we trusted them 100%, which I think is a very important part of this. I don’t think we could have done this without them.

Was ‘Head of Stone’ an obvious track to release for you?
‘Head Of Stone’ was one of the very first songs we wrote for what would be this album. I think we finished it almost 18 months ago now. So in a way it also kind of made sense to release it as the first song from ‘Space’. Personally I feel like it’s a good representation of the album and our band in general. We thought about releasing some other songs instead, but ‘Head Of Stone’ just felt like a very natural choice to us.

Your debut album is due in October – have you finished recording?
Our album has been ready for a little while now, and it’s been a hard thing to keep a secret. We wanted to make sure everything was set to go as soon as we announced the album. You see albums getting delayed because of whatever reason, and we did not want that to happen to us. We wanted to announce the album with an actual release-date that we knew was manageable. So yeah, the album is 100% ready. It’s been a long time coming, but we’re super stoked that it’s done.

If you could sum up the album in just five words, what would they be?
Something you need to hear.

What would you most like people to know about Newmoon?
Come to our shows and get wild with us. If you buy us a drink we’ll love you forever.

Finally, what’s the most exciting thing you have planned for over the summer?
Honestly this summer is pretty laid-back for us, which is a nice change of things. Last summer we were still writing and demoing the album, we toured Europe for two weeks with Touché Amoré, our drummer got married. It was hectic for sure. The record is dropping right after the summer so we decided to take it easy for a bit before we get back into the swing of things at the end of this year. Just getting to relax and hang out with friends right now is super cool for us. We do have some more cool stuff to announce this summer, so keep your eyes open for that.

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