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Muse release ‘virtual reality’ video for ‘Revolt’

Muse have released the official video for ‘Revolt‘.

Taken from their seventh studio album ‘Drones‘ it tells the tales of a revolt, surprise surprise.

Set in the year 2025, AKA The Future, it shows a world where “Government Drones fill the sky,” and “freedom has been banished. Until now.”

Cue some rebels, lots of drones and Bellamy kicking out a guitar solo while wearing a gas mark because why the hell not.

“Really excited to share this massive video we shot in Prague for our latest single ‘Revolt’. We wanted the video in black and white only using colour to represent revolution,” explain the band.

‘Revolt’ is available to watch via Apple Music but there’s also a virtual reality version if you download the ‘VRSE‘ app.

Virtual Reality, this really is the future.

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