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Of Mice & Men release ‘Real’ new video

Of Mice & Men have released a new video for ‘Real‘. Check it out below.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, vocalist Austin Carlile explained, “We shot it in Portland, Oregon, during a day off from tour. We asked fans to submit footage holding up poster boards that explain what makes them feel real. The images that pop up mention everything from music to foster care to activism to the Marfan community to St. Jude’s hospital. We even had some fans in the studio while we were recording, just to include them more in the process.”

‘Real’ is dedicated to the memory of 14-year-old Cassy Colunga, who recently passed away after battling brain cancer. The band were put in contact with Cassy through the Living the Dream Foundation and, upon hearing that her condition worsened, arranged for a visit while recording the album. Not only did she get to see the band creating their new album ‘Cold War’ but she recorded handclaps for ‘The Lie’. “Now Cassy’s name and the sound of her clapping hands are on the record. It’s something that captures that moment and that relationship forever. When we think about everything we went through to make this record, that’s something that we’ll never forget.”

Cold War‘ is out September 9th via Rise Records.

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