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‘Let’s All Be Friends’ with Bellevue Days and their new video

Bellevue Days have made a lush new video for the picturesque hunk of beauty that is ‘Let’s All Be Friends‘. The band are premiering it exclusively on Upset so come on in.

Lifted from the band’s debut EP ‘The Sun Came Up When We Were Young‘, which also features the #VeryGood ‘Capability Capacity‘, ‘Let’s All Be Friends’ is soaked in a reflective charm.

“For this video I have gone back into my 8mm archives from the 1980s and early 1990s and made a sort of video diary of friends and ex loves,” explains the video’s director Richard Hislop. Alongside colleges and chums, the video also includes footage of “Sasha Heslop, my youngest daughter, at the beginning of the video for whom I hope this film will be a little insight into her father’s past life.

“I also used some footage I shot in and around the Berlin Wall way back in the early 1980s when I was traveling with the band 23 Skidoo and some footage I shot in New York. I think the Berlin wall is a good visual metaphore for the ‘What if’s?’ and all the lost hopes, dreams and divided friends and lovers that this songs lyrics bought to mind. It’s a positive video with a melancholy heart and reminds me of how much I used to love filming nature and people when the sun came out with my 8mm camera. And the sun did come out when I was young, and it still does.”

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