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As It Is keep their ‘Pretty Little Distance’ with their new single

As It Is have released the next single from their forthcoming second album ‘okay.’

Titled ‘Pretty Little Distance’, it comes alongside a Back To The Future-ish video, which is “in keeping with the album’s concept”.

“These are by far the most personal and honest songs we’ve ever written,” vocalist Patty Walters explains. “We made a conscious effort to truly push ourselves musically and lyrically, to create something that didn’t feel entirely safe or calculated. We wrote songs about our families, our personal lives, and our struggles more vulnerably than ever before, hoping to encapsulate sincere moments in our lives. We feel a huge sense of pride having created this record, and we’re immensely excited to share it with the world. We love and cherish you all for supporting us and giving us this opportunity.”

‘okay.’ is set for release on 13th January 2017. Check out the video for ‘Pretty Little Distance’ below.

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