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It’s pop-punk squared as Neck Deep cover Fall Out Boy

Remember when Fall Out Boy were just a pop-punk band? Neck Deep do and they’ve covered ‘Grand Theft Autumn‘ to make sure you do too.

Neck Deep are currently touring Europe with Creeper as their world tour for ‘Life’s Not Out To Get You‘ continues.

“We just wanted to top our last album,” frontman Ben Barlow told Upset last year. “We just wanted to write a better record. We wanted to stay true to who we are and what we do, but just do it really well and I think we actually did that. I think the team that we worked with really knew that as well, and I think that everything just really fell into place with this album. We just wanted to work with the right people and write some killer songs; why complicate it with the idea of, ‘Oooh, we want to go in this new direction?’ We’ve got plenty of albums to try that!”

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