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Get behind the scenes of Arcane Roots’ ‘If Nothing Breaks, Nothing Moves’

Arcane Roots came storming back into focus this week with the unveiling of ‘If Nothing Breaks, Nothing Moves’. The opening track to their newly announced ‘Heaven & Earth’ EP, it’s “a promise to our fans to give it our all every single show,” according to Andrew Groves.

The accompanying video is as powerful as the song itself and, directed by Andrew himself, really hammers home the message of the track.

You can watch the video in it’s full glory here, and check out an exclusive behind the scenes look at ‘If Nothing Breaks, Nothing Moves’ below, only on Upset.

“I wanted to put myself in a position where it had to be all or nothing. I felt that if i didn’t put myself on the line, then i could never expect anyone to relate or connect to my lyrics,” explains Andrew.

“This really manifested itself when we needed a video for the single. I had a rough idea in my head for a treatment for the song, but had only really learnt some basic video editing over the previous tour, making the daily tour videos. I wanted it to be like the videos I love, like the singers I love, who captivate you with their performance alone. Except I hate making videos. I hate worrying about my hair, appearance and my clothes. I hate singing to camera and I never ever feel more self conscious or like I’m showing off. So I wanted to write a treatment that took all of that away, yet give the performance I always wanted, and I also wanted to direct it and star in it.

“I wanted the video to embody and reflect the song entirely, to show all the struggle and frustration but, also show the internal fight to be who I’d always wanted to be. I didn’t want it to be an act or performance either, I wanted it to be real, I wanted it to be something worthy of the promise, I wanted to be captivating. So I wore my stage clothes and i kept my hair exactly as it was when I woke up and I was tied up to a chair in a studio in Hackney. Everything you then see on the screen is real. 100%. I just concentrated on singing the words and holding my breath.”

‘Heaven & Earth’ is out October 16th through Easy Life/Sony Red

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