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Frank Iero posts behind the scenes recording clip

Frank Iero has unveiled a short behind-the-scenes clip from the recording of his song ‘Neverenders’, a cut from frnkiero andthe cellabration’s debut full-length ‘.STOMACHACHES.’.

“dear friends,” he tweeted, “here’s a quick clip of me tracking the solo for Neverenders in my basement studio…”

Iero is currently in the middle of a little time off the road. “After this we’ve got two Belfast shows, a Dublin show then we’re going to go home and start writing,” Frank told Upset last month.

There are no definite plans for a second album (“We’ll see, who knows”), but there’s the beginning of a next chapter forming.

“I want to get the ideas out of my head. I’m looking forward to two months at home so I can get whatever’s swimming around my head, out just so I know what it is.

“Right now it’s just these swirling songs and ideas and it’s a little too much up here, right now. I can’t even concentrate.”

dear friends, here's a quick clip of me tracking the solo for Neverenders in my basement studio. enjoi. xofrnk

A video posted by frnkiero (@frankieromustdie) on

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