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FIDLAR reveal emoji-tastic video for ‘Why Generation’

FIDLAR have revealed an emoji-tastic video for ‘Why Generation‘. Check it out below.

The track, taken from 2015’s ‘Too’, sees the band taking a side-swipe at people’s reliance on phones and is sheer *fire-emoji*.

Speaking to Upset last year, frontman Zac Carper explained that “I really believe in this whole skate culture, punk rock idea. It has an almost religious aspect to me and that’s contagious. It’s a very unique mentality but it’s important. Not everybody can be Oasis. Not everybody can be witty and cool or wear those shades and have that look. I wish I could, but our thing is a little different. It’s for the generation of people who just are. We’re not selling music, we’re selling a lifestyle. Just get out there and do it.”

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