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Far From History premiere new video for ’Shockwave Asylum’

Essex-based post-hardcore quintet Far From History release their brand new EP ‘Gallows Hill’ today, Friday 19th August. To celebrate, they’re also sharing a powerful new video for ’Shockwave Asylum’ – watch the clip below, first on Upset.

“’Shockwave Asylum’ is a story of a completely normal man being told constantly that he is insane, forced to take pills and drugs and through this torture ends up becoming exactly that,” the band explain. “This can apply to many situations for example a child at school being told they’re not smart because they don’t get the right grades.

“It could just be that they have not been taught in the correct way or right environment, but after being constantly told something all the time, it can make you truly doubt yourself. The theory behind the plain white video is to represent us being trapped inside our brains by having false limitations forced upon us.”

Catch Far From History at the following live dates:

19 Wheatsheaf, Oxford

02 The Square, Harlow
07 Fuel Bar, Cardiff
08 Subside, Birmingham
09 Workers Club, King’s Lynn
10 Lounge 41, Workington
25 Black Heart, London

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