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Deftones get technicolour for ‘Prayers/Triangles’ video

To celebrate the release of ‘Gore‘ (which is out now FYI), Deftones have unveiled a technicolour video for ‘Prayers/Triangles‘. Check it out below, via Noisey.

If releasing a really good album wasn’t exciting enough, Deftones are also sitting pretty on the cover of April’s Upset. Speaking about ‘Gore’ Chino Moreno explains, “I don’t think that it’s a first listen. And honestly that wasn’t the idea going in to make this record – there wasn’t actually any idea going in to make this record – but that’s what ended up coming out. But in the end, as not even the person who created the record but as a listener of the record, I enjoy ‘Gore’ more today than I did the day we finished it. I honestly think that every time I hear the record I get something more out of it. I like that. Most of my favourite records do that, too.”

“I feel like this record – as opposed to some of our other records especially – has staying power. The more you listen to it the more you enjoy it. I have a short attention span so if I hear something and I figure it out really quick, I lose interest. That’s just me. But things that I don’t understand right away, that require me to take time to wrap my head around, are things that interest me. That’s in music and that’s in… almost, in life. That’s something that’s part of my character, it could be a flaw, could be whatever, but it’s just the way I’ve been for my whole life.”

Deftones return to the UK in June for Download Festival and their rescheduled gig at Wembley Arena.

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