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Chvrches’ Lauren Mayberry: there needs to be “a shift in the cultural approach to women”

The internet is amazing, generally, but it’s also got more than its fair share of absolutely grade A tools. Chvrches’ Lauren Mayberry knows this as well as anyone. Since the band blew up, she’s been subject to waves of misogynistic crap (that’s our own technical term – Ed), with the latest peak coming after the release of the video for the band’s recent track ‘Leave A Trace’.

After shining a light on a particularly vile forum thread via Twitter, Lauren talked to Channel 4 News to discuss internet trolls.

“This happens to women all the time anyway,” she explained, “and I hate the idea that young girls who follow our band deal with stuff like that. I don’t want them to feel isolated, I don’t want them to feel like it is just happening to them, because it happens everywhere.”

“Somebody tweeted me the other day, ‘If you can’t learn to deal with this sort of shit, stick a gun in your mouth before the record even comes out. I have one and I’ll give it to you.’ Personally, that’s horrifying, if somebody put that through your door, you would go to the police with that.”

You can watch a video of the interview below. Lauren argues there needs to be “a shift in the cultural approach to women”. At the risk of polluting news with opinion – anyone disagreeing with that, thinking treating another human being like this is fine – get in the bin.

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