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Check out the video for Bellevue Days’ ‘Capability, Capacity’

Croydon. Musical hotbed. But seriously, Bellevue Days are proving that talent comes from all sorts of places, with their new EP ‘The Sun Came Up When We Were Young’ ranking in at somewhere around Pretty Damn Great.

The band’s debut release, it shows an assured confidence that sounds like it’s been years in the making. You can check it out on the video for ‘Capability, Capacity’, debuting on Upset below.

“We filmed the music video for ‘Capability, Capacity’ in an old recording studio in Croydon,” the band’s Alan Smith (No, not that one. Or that one – Ed) explains. “Shot and directed by upcoming director Andy Brice, with a budget of £40, he used a technique I think he coined himself called the ‘seasick technique’, where he falls all over the place like he’s a drunk dude who’s just found a camera. Funny to watch him in action, and it worked. We wanted it to feel trippy and mirror the song.”

‘The Sun Came Up When We Were Young’ is self-released by the band on July 27th. Check out the video below and find out more on Bellevue Days’ Facebook here.

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