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Check out Fall Out Boy’s new short film, ‘Bloom’

Fall Out Boy have finally shared their new short film ‘Bloom’, the culmination of a project they came up with following their recent Wintour tour – check it out below.

“Growing up the things that informed my life and me the most were experiential,” says the band’s Pete Wentz. “These were the moments that you could live inside.

“I remember there was a summer where Guns n’ Roses, Terminator 2 and slalom water skiing all met up in my head. It was relentless in the way I thought about them and the way they commingled with each other.

“I can remember that summer and still in some ways go back and live inside of it because of the way it was so experiential and transformative for me. There is a texture to it. Like pop culture was curated by some force that summer for me personally…

“BLOOM is meant to be an experiential idea – one that started as a conversation between us and Bobby Hundreds… just an idea. Then it became a short film about how you can empower yourself, how falling/failing can make you stronger…

“But that conversation became bigger and we realized that we could create a film, stage uniforms, stage look, show design, and merchandise and have them all inform each other. So that we could make a moment that would be different than all the moments before it and after it – that you could take with you as a texture.

“In so many ways it is amazing the dialogue we can have and the art we can create and share with each other now. I love seeing the fan art from TV shows and movies I love… it’s that conversation that wasn’t truly possible in that summer to me – that’s what I appreciate most about now. So if you are reading this, you are part of BLOOM.

“Sometimes you have to crack the pavement before you can BLOOM.”

Fall Out Boy also have a live DVD on the way, with ‘The Boys Of Zummer Tour: Live In Chicago’ due on 21st October.

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