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Black Surf premiere retro video for ‘Sink’

Black Surf release their debut EP ‘Let’s Pretend It’s Summer’ on 26th August via Cowboy Records.

The Leeds band recorded at Greenmount Studios, and are previewing the release with a fuzzed-up track that’s the perfect soundtrack to a lazy afternoon – watch the video for ‘Sink’ below, first on Upset.

The retro clip features old film footage found by band member Ali Epstone’s dad, he explains:

“My dad randomly sent me over an hours worth of silent footage he’d found that had been lost for nearly 45 years. I was struggling to come up with an idea for our song ‘Sink’ and this footage was the perfect accompaniment to potentially bring the song to life. The band had no money and I was frustratingly looking at all this awesome footage. With the help of YouTube editing tutorials, I spent the next few days working on this video.

“Our band ethos and grassroots are DIY to the core. If we can’t afford stuff, we’ll figure it out ourselves or trade skills. I’ve taught meditation for recording time and artwork on a few occasions. The band works in the coffee and beer trade, so that has helped sweeten a few favours here and there. A really old local used to bring us Kerrang magazine for a pint every week. We didn’t ask any questions. It really is an awesome way to survive when you take money out of the equation.

“I hate to say it but, our band simply wouldn’t exist without the help of YouTube tutorials. I missed that meeting on technology that everybody seemed to have gone to. DIY was a hell of a lot easier when it was just paper and bloody pens.

“After spending hours editing the video down to just over three minutes, I got to really soak up all the footage and get a glimpse of my dad’s experience and that awesome time in history. I also felt insanely high for a few days too!

“I’m really happy with the way it came out. It’s so great to have collaborated with my dad and also give life to this footage that could have been lost forever! Robert Epstone now resides in Bali as a humanitarian working with his non profit charity Solemen.

“The video clips were taken by Robert ’Soleman’ Epstone [Ali’s dad] on a Super 8mm Camera in and around the Bay Area in San Francisco and across the U.S, where he lived in the early 70s. While the Hippy’s flower power and love ruled against the shadow of President Nixon and the Vietnam War, this footage was perfect accompaniment to give visual life to the song and keep this memory and part of history alive.”

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