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Black Peaks have released a new video for ‘Glass Built Castles’

Black Peaks‘ debut album ‘Statues‘ is finally coming on April 8th. The band have dropped a new video for the new version of mega-smash ‘Glass Built Castles‘ which you can watch below.

“Glass Built Castles was one of the first songs we wrote when we were in session writing “Statues” It was one of those tracks that came together in about 3 hours and practically wrote itself. Glass Built Castles is part 3 of a 4 part story that is pieced together on the album. In the new video you will get a glimpse at part of this story. All will become clear soon,” explain the band.

““We never expected any of our songs to be radio friendly, we definitely didn’t write them that way,” Will Gardner told Upset recently. “I don’t think we ever will intentionally write a radio ‘friendly’ song, it’ll just happen when it happens I guess.”

“Generally the songs we’ve released have been the lighter and more commercial side of the album because they are the singles and that’s what will catch people’s ears first and get them into our music,” he continues. “We have always been a really dark and heavy band – especially live – so I don’t think anything has changed there. We have always written with as much contrast and shade as we possibly can, it’s just how we write I guess. There’s one rule that we have tried to apply: it needs to have darkness, it needs to have heaviness, but it also needs to be beautiful.”

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