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Decade frontman Alex Sears premieres new sophomore video

Decade frontman Alex Sears puts his musical prowess to the test with solo project sophomore, which will see him release debut album ‘God Save My Beating Heart’ later this year. Before then, he’s premiering a charmingly intimate video for ‘Hologram’, which you can watch below, first on Upset. It’s a thoughtful number that sees him examine a distant and lonely relationship.

“‘Hologram’ deals with the frustrations of being in a relationship with somebody that is emotionally absent due to depression and mental illness,” Alex explains. “The hardest thing is that you want that person back to the way they used to be, but you can’t place the blame on them for the way that they currently are when they’re struggling. The lyrics are pretty metaphorical and pick up on instances of the person ‘disappearing’, or seeming like a ghost or apparition.”

Of the accompanying footage, he continues: “The video was made in an afternoon when me and my dog were just hanging out. I thought that making a home video style clip would suit the song well, and in the end it also served to create an element of isolation, which I really like.”

You can pre-order the album here, it comes with a free download of ‘Hologram’.

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