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Against The Current share video for ‘Outsiders’

Against The Current have released the video for ‘Outsiders‘, the first track from their as-of-yet untitled debut album. The track, a battle-cry about being yourself, has an equally defiant video. Check it out below.

‘Outsiders’ “sets the tone and the pace” for their album and explores the “concept of being an outsider but doing it in a positive way. Owning that you’re different and that that’s actually a good thing,” according to Chrissy Constanza.

It’s a message the band have lived and embody. “We’re just genuine,” Chrissy told Upset earlier this year. “We are who we are and we’re not trying to be anything else. We’re not trying to make ourselves look, sound or act like this. To quote ‘Outsiders’, ‘This is who we really are.’ It genuinely is. We don’t hide anything. We’re just us and that’s something people relate to because it’s refreshing to know someone. We want people to feel comfortable and safe with us. We want to create a positive atmosphere with our fans, but not in a corny, cheesy way. I think that’s something that’s hard to find.”

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