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A Day To Remember release ‘Paranoia’ video

Following on from the half-surprise unveiling of ‘Paranoia‘, A Day To Remember have now shared a video for the track. Check it out below.

As good as it is, the track isn’t the start of an album campaign. According to vocalist Jeremy McKinnon it’s just a one-off track they’re releasing for a laugh.

“You’re acting like there’s some mystery album floating out there in the ether and I’m telling you, there’s not,” he told Zane Lowe after the track’s premiere on Beats One. “It’s one of those random things, we were just in the room, together, writing some music casually, for fun with no expectations. We’d been doing it for a few weeks, just kicking around some new ideas and Kevin just started playing this random riff and it just snowballed from there. We wrote it in one day. I don’t know what to tell (people), we just have this one song that we’re putting out for fun. I think it’s fun. It’s funny seeing people’s reactions. We’ve never just come out of nowhere and been ‘here’s something new’. We’re kinda out, just floating. We’ll see what happens.”

And as for those comparisons to Stick To Your Guns‘ ‘What Choice Did You Give Us?‘, well STYG don’t really care.

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