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Watch the BBC documentary ‘Lemmy: In His Own Words’

“In one word, sum up heavy metal for us?” asks the off-screen reporter to a young Lemmy. You can see the spark flash behind his eyes as he looks up into the camera and, without missing a beat, replies “noise.”

That’s how BBC documentary “Lemmy: In His Own Words” begins to celebrate the life of a man who constantly had the dial turned up to maximum. From Hawkwind to Motorhead, the 18-minute documentary follows the loose chronological narrative of Lemmy’s musical career while also capturing the charming, funny and self-aware nature of the man off-stage as well as on.

Check it out here.

“Lemmy was a colossal figure in British music and he had a unique approach to both his songs and the industry he found himself in,” explains BBC Music editor James Stirling. “There was a smart sense of humour at the heart of everything, something clearly demonstrated through his interviews and performances we’ve uncovered from the BBC Music archive.”

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