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Zac Farro will be drumming on the new Paramore album

After weeks of intense speculation (and not just about what they were having for lunch) Zac Farro has confirmed what we pretty much all knew but still weren’t 100%. He will be drumming on the new Paramore album that is being recorded right now.

Well, maybe not right this moment but definitely within the present.

Speaking to IDOBI, he explains, “They’ve asked me to play drums on their album, on their new album. So [Hayley] put it on their Instagram and put it on their website, and it’s no joke that I’m back just playing drums for them on their album alongside with doing my HalfNoise stuff. That’s it, and that’s literally all it is right now. No one’s really asked cause I’ve kind of deterred the question, but I’m doing HalfNoise – that’s my band. They’ve asked me to drum, and it was like, ‘Yeah, of course!’ We’ve always been friends, and yeah, there was a little bit of weirdness cause I left the band for a few years, but all that stuff is not even there anymore and there’s no hard feelings and it’s just been rad and fun.”

Rad and fun. Exciting stuff.

Zac Farro was in Paramore from the very beginning until 2011 when he left alongside he brother Josh, so if you’ve heard ‘All We Know Is Falling‘, ‘Riot!‘ and/or ‘Brand New Eyes‘, you’ve heard what he can do behind the kit.

Alongside hitting stuff in time to other stuff while someone else presses record (see, we know how albums are made), Zac Farro is also releasing his new album as HalfNoise later this year. Check out first track ‘Know The Feeling’ here.

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