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Working with Gaga and 10 more things we learned from PVRIS’ Tumblr Q+A

PVRIS are just finishing up their US tour supporting Bring Me The Horizon. There’s no rest for either parties though as the pair are then bringing the run to Europe for a 21 date run. Then there’s the small matter of PVRIS’ inclusion on the Wintour with Fall Out Boy.

Full steam ahead.

To give an update on just what’s going on in their world, PVRIS hosted a Q+A on their Tumblr and this is what we learnt from it.

– The band still remain tight lipped about what their plans for the future are. Headline tour? “Maybeeeeeeee >:) You’ll just have to wait and find out.” New music? “You’ll just have to wait patiently!” Fine, what about some more music videos for ‘White Noise’ tracks? “Perhaps! You’ll just have to wait and find out.” *sigh*

– The best thing about being in PVRIS is, “being in a band with my best friends.” The best thing about writing music is “releasing all our inner demons and not going insane” while performing those songs onstage is both, “stressful yet cathartic.”

Their music is often credited as saving lives but PVRIS aren’t so sure. “I feel like we get this question quite often… Unless a firefighter pulled you out of a fire or a surgeon gave you a heart transplant, no one can take credit for saving your life but YOU yourself. We believe music can be used as a catalyst to help people and to empower them to pull themselves out of something, but only YOU have the power to save your own life. You’re stronger than you think, don’t ever give someone else credit for doing that.”

The band still get anxious before a show. “You’d think after a few years of doing this every night I’d get used to it. You know that feeling you get when you wake up in the morning and you remember that you have to make a presentation in class? That’s the feeling I have all day until we’re done playing.”

Lynn’s not the best at remembering the lyrics. “At least once a night I say the wrong word or sing the wrong verse somewhere.”

-The band have finally found a label for their music. “Chameleon music! Because it blends into many different types of genres.”

The pressure of expectation vanished long ago. “When we first went in to record “White Noise”, we felt a lot of pressure. While we were in the studio with Blake, he really helped us grow and taught us to push away people’s expectations and not feel pressured to fall into them.

“The number one thing we need to do as artists is to be honest with our work and be proud of what we create, that in itself speaks more than anything. From now on, we will always carry that mindset with whatever we create. ”

Socks to bed? Not for Lynn. “I don’t trust anyone who wears socks to bed. Anyone who does, I’m convinced is possessed by the devil.”

-Brian’s favourite Chelsea player is “Eden Hazard !!!”

-The band would collaborate with Lady Gaga. “That would be AMAZING, I don’t know why she would ever want anything to do with us though.”

-Despite what people say, if you want to be in a band never give up. “You can’t listen to people’s negative remarks around you, despite how hard it may be sometimes. If you want something enough and you work hard enough, you can literally make your life into anything you desire. Most people are fixated only on the life they know and what society has embedded into their brains to be realistic or acceptable. Work your tail off, never back down, and treat people with kindness and generosity. You will be amazed where it takes you.”

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