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Wolf Alice release extended edition of ‘My Love Is Cool’

Wolf Alice have rereleased their debut album ‘My Love Is Cool’ and thrown in pretty much everything they’ve ever put out for good measure. That’s 25 tracks and 6 videos which is, as the saying goes, bumper. Check out the tracklist below to see everything that’s included.

1. Turn To Dust
2. Bros
3. Your Loves Whore
4. You’re A Germ
5. Lisbon
6. Silk
7. Freazy
8. Giant Peach
9. Swallowtail
10. Soapy Water
11. Fluffy
12. The Wonderwhy
13. Moaning Lisa Smile
14. Storms
15. Heavenly Creatures
16. We’re Not The Same
17. Blush
18. She
19. Nosedive
20. 90 Mile Beach
21. Baby Ain’t Made Of China
22. I Saw You (In A Corridor)
23. Every Cloud
24. White Leather
25. Leaving You

Freazy (video)
You’re A Germ (video)
Bros (video)
Giant Peach (video)
Moaning Lisa Smile (video)
Fluffy (video)

‘My Love Is Cool’ originally came out in July last year and has seen the band picking up nods from The Brits, The Grammys and the Mercury Music Prize, which is nice. It’s also propelled the band onto Brixton Academy and a huge UK tour including four nights at The Forum in London.

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