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Wolf Alice are excited to “cut loose” at Reading Festival today

“We’re very excited, there’s a good buzz about today,” starts Joel Amey. “Sometimes you get to big festivals and get a bit lost in everything but Reading is a good size. It’s going to be a big deal for us and we’re hyped up.”

”I’ve been here so many times, Joel continues. “I used to be one of those dudes who just sat in a deckchair by the main stage and had no idea anything else existed.”

“If anyone gets the sort of memories I have about this festival, about our show, we’d be over the moon. I still speak about gigs I’ve seen at this festival and people I’ve met,” Joel says. “We were those people coming to shows so it can happen.“

With their debut album ‘My Love Is Cool’ released at the start of the summer, Wolf Alice have been working up to today. “You’re more of a well oiled machine by the time you get to Reading & Leeds, we can cut looser.”

“It’s nice that people know what’s coming. We’re expecting big fucking mosh pits in all the right places,” grins Joff Oddie.

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