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There will be Moose Blood (on the cover of this month’s Upset)

Sometimes, we sit about and think about bands. Quite a lot actually. It’s sort of what we do. Quite frequently we find ourselves pondering “why don’t they put bands like Moose Blood on magazine covers yet.”

Of course, then we realise that we are actually the “they”, and actually, we can do what we bloody well want. So why don’t we put Moose Blood on magazine covers yet?

Bit of a stupid question, because we do. They’re sitting proud on the front of this month’s Upset. About time, too. Then again, with their new album ‘Blush’, it’s where they belong. One of the best records of the year so far, it may not be out until next month, but trust us – you’ll lose your mind at how great it is.

They’re playing with the big guns, too. Elsewhere this issue we sit down with two bands that have defined generations – Blink-182 and Good Charlotte. There’s also UK underground stalwarts Johnny Foreigner, returning heroes Young Guns, Hellions, Cane Hill, Letlive., the brilliant (brilliant, brilliant) Charly Bliss and loads, loads more. Add to that the low down on both Slam Dunk and Download 2016, all the reviews, news and other ‘gubbins’, and you’re well sorted.

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Upset, July 2016

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