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When old interviews attack: part 1, with Bring Me The Horizon

Media training. Some see it as taking the edge off rock stars, making them all shiny and bland. Others see it as essential to stop them saying silly things they later go on to regret in interviews.

So spare a thought for our chums and yours in Bring Me The Horizon. Back in December, the band were interviewed by Digital Spy. (Ooooooh, mainstream non-specialist website. We’re in the big time now, lads.)

In said tête-à-tête, the band talked about their then new single, ‘Drown’, and how it related to a future album.

“We’re planning to record early next year,” Jordan Fish explained at the time. “We want it out by the end of next summer, but we don’t know what it’s gonna sound like yet. If ‘Drown’ goes on the album, it means it hasn’t gone well!”

“It’s not going on there…” was Oli Sykes’ take. “Not unless we get really desperate!”

Who can see where this one is going? Everyone? Thought so.

When today’s track listing for ‘That’s The Spirit’ comes out? Track 9. ‘Drown’.


Don’t worry, lads. We’re sure the album is great. Amazing even. ‘Happy Song’ is a proper banger. People change their minds. ‘Drown’ is awesome too – why wouldn’t you want it on there? Just maybe don’t try and predict the future, eh? *ruffles hair*

All credit to @Popvpxnk on Twitter for the original spot. Go follow them or something.

If you missed it earlier this evening – check out Bring Me The Horizon’s latest cut from ‘That’s The Spirit’, ‘Throne’, below:

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