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Weezer are building up to something, but what is it?

There’s nothing more fun than the unpredictable, and without a label in tow, that’s exactly what Weezer have become over recent months.

First we had the surprise drop of new single ‘Thank God For Girls’, with its weird as hell video. Then came ‘Do You Wanna Get High?’ – possibly the best thing the band had released in years. Now, they’re definitely up to something. We’re just not sure what.

The band’s website and social media accounts have turned to white. Just plain white. A new video has been uploaded to YouTube. It’s a minute of white noise. An email has been sent to the Weezer fan club; again, all white, but with one line. “Stay tuned”.

As Substream reports, the band have TV commitments over the next few days. They’re speculating something – maybe even an album – is about to drop, but really, it could be anything. Weezer washing powder? We wouldn’t put it past them right now.

But just imagine if it was an album? And one as good as ‘Do You Wanna Get High?’ suggested? Maybe Weezer’s White Album? Yeah. Exactly. We’ll be staying tuned too.

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