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We want you! Writers and photographers required

We’ve got big plans. Our first print issue is on the streets, our second well under way, our online arm motoring on nicely. Things are pretty sweet in the Upset bunker right now, which means it’s time for us to take on some new blood.

Across both physical and digital formats, we’re looking for individuals who can add to what we already do. From big features, interviews and gorgeous original photo shoots with some of the biggest bands around, through to day to day news posts and searching out the stories that will blow our readers’ minds – we want to hear from you. But only if you’re really, really good.

Fancy joining our tight but perfectly formed team of editors, scribblers and snappers? We’d like the following – though if you’re especially interested in submitting one type of content (features, reviews, news, etc), feel free to tailor your submission appropriately and only send us the parts relevant to those sections.

If you’re a writer…

+ A pitch for a feature. This can be and interview, opinion piece, anything you wish that would run in long form. We’d like as much detail as possible. Please note: band has a new album out is not a pitch in itself. No, really. Even if the band is huge. We’re after the kind of features we won’t already have thought of. Show us your flair.

+ A sample review written in a style you think would fit Upset. We like direct, punchy copy. Don’t sound like you’ve just bought your first thesaurus and we’ll get on just fine. Top tip: if you’ve got enough about you, you’ll be able to work out what a suitable length is easily enough. It doesn’t have to be original – you can have written it for elsewhere. We just want to see you fit our style, and understand what kind of bands we cover.

+ A sample news story to run online. This doesn’t have to be something hugely original – just show us what you can do with the daily agenda. We’re especially eager to talk to writers who are happy to chip in with a few news posts a day, so this is a great way to get through the door if you’re enthusiastic.

If you’re a photographer…

+ Show us your portfolio! We especially like it if you pick out a few shots you’re proud of.

+ Let us know what you specialise in. Both live and portrait photographers are always required – but if we’re commissioning you for a big shoot with a band in the future, we want to know you know what you’re doing first.

If you’re neither a writer or photographer, but can think of another way you could help make Upset amazing and want to get involved, feel free to get in touch too. We’re always interested in a chat about new opportunities.

We’re not hugely fussed about your experience or your location.Upset uses all kinds of clever web tools to allow our contributors to keep in contact and work together wherever they are in the world. Your ability, enthusiasm and ability to participate in a team environment are far more important.

Drop us a line at contribute@upsetmagazine.com if you’re interested. Direct any questions there too and we’ll answer them as soon as possible.

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