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Underøath: “The hiatus is off.”

After a brief, twelve date run of ‘farewell’ shows at the start of 2013, Underøath waved goodbye.

But now, after some shenanigans with countdowns, Aaron Gillespie , Spencer Chamberlain, Tim McTague, James Smith, Grant Brandell and Chris Dudley are coming together once more for a headline slot at the A Day To Remember founded Self Help Fest on March 19th 2016.

The band are planning on playing ‘Define The Great Line’ in full at the festival to celebrate a decade since its release as well as tracks from ‘They’re Only Chasing Safety’ and ‘Lost In The Sound (Of Separation)’. In an interview with AltPress, Spencer and Aaron discuss the upcoming reunion and there’s hope that this show won’t be a one-off.

“I would absolutely love to celebrate that record with our fans across the world if I could,” explains Spencer. “The opportunities we’ve had as Underoath came from those fans, so I would love to play for them and the ones that we missed [on the farewell tour].”

And as for new material, Spencer wants to leave it “open-ended. I don’t think we’re ever going to be a full-time band again, but I don’t like the idea of being so closed off to things. That’s what was so hard about the farewell tour, because it could’ve been that we were going on an indefinite hiatus.

“And I think now, the idea is the hiatus is off. Are we writing? I don’t know until we get in a room together. Are we going to do another tour? I don’t know. Like, everyone has their schedules to work around, but maybe we when get home, we decide we could squeeze in Europe or Australia, if the stars align.

“I feel like when bands get older, they only do one or two tours a year, or every other year. Maybe that will be Underoath. I just don’t know. Like I said, I’m open to it, but I still have to keep focused on what’s next for me and how my future is going to pan out.”

Aaron is less hopeful of new material though. “I would never rule that out, but for me, I don’t know that it’s possible. I’m so busy: I own a studio, I’ve been playing for Paramore, I’m doing my solo thing and we all have families, etc. Is it feasible with what everyone has going on? That’s the main part of the situation.”

New material or not the fact remains that Underoath are back.


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