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Twin Atlantic: “To evolve, you have to break the mould”

“It felt like the start of us becoming a band who could maybe do this for next ten years,” admits Ross McNae looking back at Twin Atlantic‘s 2012 storming arrival on the NME stage at Reading Festival.

Later on today, the band will return to the scene of the climb to bring their second full-length ‘Great Divide‘ to an end. “It’s going to be brilliant,” starts Craig Kneale. “It’s the last two shows for this album so it’s going to be a big party. We’ve had, not just that one, but three or four landmark moments at this festival. It’s always a real good benchmark of where we are. Hopefully tonight we can go that couple of steps further and it’ll be an even bigger highlight.”

For those on stage and the engaged, ever-swelling crowd, it certainly feels like a moment but the band, after Sam McTrusty has stopped throwing up from the adrenaline, aren’t spending long basking in their well-deserved ascent. Twin Atlantic are already planning their next move.

“We’re trying to do this one differently,” begins Ross. “Sam normally writes almost everything for the band, not our parts but he writes the majority of the songs. He’s been able to get these little windows at home and start writing new songs but in the last wee while, we’ve all managed to do the same thing.”

“Maybe Craig in the final hour, having never written a song before, might write the best song. We’re just trying to do things differently and not stick to that fixed formula of ‘this is the rock band we are’. That’s the idea, anyway.”

“To evolve, you always have to break the mould a little bit,” offers Craig. “That’s what we’re trying to do this time”.

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