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Tom DeLonge talks Blink: “I don’t want the legacy of the band to get fucked with”

Tom DeLonge has opened up once more to Rolling Stone about his current feelings towards blink-182, ahead of the band releasing their first post-DeLonge song tomorrow.

“I don’t work on ego. (blink-182) doesn’t define me,” explains Tom. “Is it awkward and weird? Yeah. Does part of me get bummed? Totally. But it doesn’t consume me. I’m doing some of the best stuff I’ve ever been involved in. People look in and they go, ‘How could you walk away from something like that?’ or ‘How could you not get so pissed?’ Well, because I’m more than that.”

“I love those guys,” he continues, “The only thing I think about is, I want them to be happy. (But) I don’t want the legacy of the band to get fucked with. I do care about that. I don’t want an incredible legacy to be ruined.”It’s incredible when you’re playing ‘All the Small Things’ in front of 100,000 people with lasers and shit. But it’s difficult to grow when you’re doing the same thing over and over. All I care about is, ‘Am I happy? Am I around people who love me?’ I’m doing too much cool stuff here to stop.”

As for (another) reunion, “I’m not opposed to it. I still would be interested, if people would just pick up the phone and call.”

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