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Tom DeLonge says band life “severely limits” what he can achieve

Tom DeLonge has spoken out again about why he recently left his former band, Blink-182, where he was replaced by Alkaline Trio’s Matt Skiba.

Because of his many many side projects – “I’ve been building companies for a long time” – he tells Radio.com, he doesn’t feel being in a band uses his full skill set.

“If I was to continue to stay in the studio for a year to write a record that I need to rehearse for eight weeks to go on tour for another six months,” he says, “I’m going to be severely limited in what I can achieve artistically.

“I’m going to be looking back when I’m 50 kinda going, ‘Fuck, I really love all these other forms of art, I really wish I could have done something with it.

“So what happened was that I decided that… [pauses] just to do it. I decide to do it because it afforded me the ability to be with my family a hell of a lot more. It afforded me to inspire other artists.”

Blink-182 gave a studio update earlier this week, where they’re currently working on a new album. Read more about it here.

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