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Tom DeLonge releases extract from new novel, Poet Anderson… Of Nightmares

Tom DeLonge has released an extract from his new novel, Poet Anderson… Of Nightmares, the first instalment of a trilogy he’s co-written with author Suzanne Young.

The book – released this week – tells the story of two teenage brothers whose parents have died in a plane crash. A sample of what fans can expect is below.

There was a loud smash of a dish hitting the floor and Poet jumped, dissolving the rest of his sentiment. A group of soldiers were stalking through the dining room in his direction, their heavy boots clanking and the dishware rattling as they bumped tables unapologetically. Poet jumped up from his seat, terrified, until he realized they were wearing red armor—not black. These were Dream Walkers.

“Christ,” Jarabec muttered under his breath, without looking back at them. He drained the last of his wine and then wiped his hands on his napkin before standing. “Keep in mind what I’ve told you tonight, boy,” he told Poet as he got to his feet. “Now there’s something I must attend to.”

Read the full – fairly lengthy – extract at RollingStone.com.

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