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Tom Delonge is working on a “real” solo album

While at Comic-Con, Tom Delonge did a Q+A session with Mashable and shed a little bit of light on the gazillion projects he’s currently got fingers in.

For starters, there’s, “A real solo album in the works, the last one was not a solo album, it was pieces of things.”

Following on from the confirmation that his band, Angels and Airwaves will be releasing a “different, experimental” EP this October, Tom teased that there’s another record to come this year but remained light lipped about what.

Tom revealed that ‘Golden Showers in the Golden State’ was originally a blink-182 track, “I sent that to the guys, they never responded… Ha. I loved it though,” and he wants to try and inject some more blink into Angels and Airwaves, “I constantly remind myself how much energy Blink has, and how AVA could use more.”

Obviously there are plenty of people still peeved that Tom is no longer/not currently part of blink-182 so he had to address a couple of critics. “I learned to sing,” was his response to someone asking why his voice changed after the first blink-hiatus and “Oh shit… I thought they did care…. Fuck. Ok, I’ll quit,” came the retort after someone that “99.8%” of his fans don’t care about any of his other projects.
He also briefly touched on the topic of the split, “I like lots of things, I want to do lots of things… I get (bored).”

He also gave two plugs for a bean, rice and cheese burrito from San Diego’s Sombrero so if you’re ever in the area…

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