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Tom DeLonge has been emailing Hillary Clinton’s adviser about UFOs

In news that probably won’t surprise anyone, alien fan and occasional musician Tom Delonge has been emailing Hillary Clinton‘s campaign chairman John Podesta about – yes – aliens.

In emails made available by Wikileaks, he also talks about a “special documentary” on the subject that he’s been pitching to Spielberg.

“I created this teaser as a way to open conversations and excite Spielberg’s people,” he says in an email dated 13th November 2015. “It worked. I just left my meeting at DreamWorks, and they are very, very interested.”

“I am spending all afternoon interviewing a scientist that worked on a spacecraft at Area 51 tomorrow,” he continues.

It appears they went on to have a meeting via Google Hangout in January 2016. Have a nosey over here.

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