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Thursday reunite after five years: “We are just finally mending some fences”

Having not seen each other since the band split in 2011, due to – they said at the time – “personal circumstances”, the original members of Thursday got together over the weekend to “heal some old wounds”.

Vocalist Geoff Rickly – now of No Devotion – took to Twitter to thanks fans for their interest in the brief reunion, and quell any rumours of a reformation.

Read his lengthy series of tweets below.

“For everyone that is legit wondering why all the original members of @thursdayband are together this weekend…

“Its because we haven’t seen each other since we broke up, 5 years ago. At one point, I thought we’d never be together in one place again…

“(There was even one point when it seemed like we’d never even speak to each other again)

“We started Thursday in 1998 and lived and traveled and worked together for almost 15 years, nonstop.

“Then it was like a switch was flipped and we just stopped seeing each other at all.

“Partly because we agreed that No Devolucion was our perfect last record, ending with Turnpike Divides and Stay True.

“Partly because there was a difficult and private catastrophe that happened between all of us and made it hard to be around each other after.

“So, please understand that we are just finally mending some fences and healing some old wounds…

“Thursday was also OUR band.. As well as the band of all the people that put us up, took care of us, made us way bigger than made sense.

“So when I say this weekend is just a personal weekend for us, I want to thank you all for not reading too much into it…

“Or expecting any big news.

“But all the enthusiasm and love poured in our direction has been super sweet. As always: Thanks for caring.”

The band’s last album, ‘No Devolución’ was released in 2011.

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